November 4, 2017

Ceremony: 4 p.m.

Festival to follow shortly after. 

While this will be the best night of our lives and yours (so selfish!), the entire event is strictly 21+. With a myriad of reasons that include insurance liability ... We love your kids, we love that you have kids, we would love a kid-free festival.


We will have it. A lot of it. A lot of it to support your weird diet. Sorry, your diet isn't weird. We will have wonderful vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options in addition to general wonderful food options for those living that life.


Above it all in the Santa Monica Mountains


Attire: Festival-chic

We've used the word festival quite often and understand you have no idea what to expect, but this is an actual wedding and we'd prefer no jeans. There will be dirt and we encourage our guests to dress comfortably ... but cute ... you can do that, right? Did we just tell you to dress cute to a wedding? Yup. 

Don't worry about nice shoes or heels. Break out your boots (be they cowboy or other), chucks or the million other options for comfortable footwear. This festival is entirely outside, and we will have heaters, blankets and a massive fire pit, but bringing a jacket never hurt anyone. So, maybe bring a jacket. 


Uber/Lyft/carpooling highly encouraged. If Uber/Lyft-ing, the driver will need to drive you in through the gate and to the valet location as there will be shuttle services to various locations at the festival. Yes, you will be riding VIP-style to the ceremony and to the festival. "VIP" is used loosely in the last sentence. 

We will have valet services for anyone driving in, but please know that the last two miles of the drive leading up to the valet stand is on a dirt road. Yes, a dirt road. Don't be frightened - there will be an ample amount of signage leading you to and from the festival location.


We will have it. A lot of it. Whiskey and Wedding. Rum and Romance. Tequila and Togetherness. Gin and Juice. Don't worry non-drinker, thrill-seekers! Sodas, water, tea and coffee will also be available.